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CHEN Jia-zhang is currently research Professor in the department of Fishery Environmental Protection of Freshwater Fisheries Research Center, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences. He is also Professor of Fishery College, Nanjing Agricultural University. Prof. Chen’ s research interest focuses on fishery eco-environmental, he has done extensive research in the areas of Ecotoxicology, Environmental Risk Assessment, Aquatic Product Quality Control, Health Aquaculture and so on. His studies include both laboratory and field studies and apply tools from molecular biology to ecosystem-level. Prof. Chen has published more than one hundred peer – reviewed works and presented hundreds of lectures. He is the active advocate to develop and popularize Recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) and “fish – vegetable intergrowth”aquaculture mode in China.

Research Interest: Health Aquaculture, Aquatic Product Quality Control, Environmental Risk Assessment and Ecotoxicology.