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WANG Xue-lei,Ph.D


Dr/Research Fellow, Deputy Director, WANG Xue-lei

Department of Water Environment Remote

Ministry of Ecology and Environment Center for Satellite Application on Ecology and Environment, People’s Republic of China

4 Fengde East Road, Haidian Disctrict, Beijing 100094, P.R. China

+86 (0) 138 1001 9255,


Phone: + 86 (0) 01058311562

Mobile: + 86 (0) 13810019255




Visiting Researcher. International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Netherlands, 2008.

Ph.D. in Physical Geography Science, 2008, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University, China

MSc. in Environmental Engineering (Underground Water Science), 2005, Beijing Normal University, China.

BSc. in Environmental Science and Engineering, 2002, Northeast Normal University, China, 2002.



2010-present, Associate Research fellow/Research fellow, Ministry of Ecology and Environment Center for Satellite Application on Ecology and Environment, China.

2008-2010, Postdoc, Lecturer/Associate Professor, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University, China.




1)Xuelei Wang, Qiao Wang, Qingchuan Wu, Qian Wang. Assessment and Application Demonstration of National Scale Non-point Source Pollution, BeiJing,Science Press, 2015

2)Xuelei Wang. Remote Sensing Distributed Non-point Source Pollution Assessment Model-Theoretical Method and Application, Beijing, Science Press, 2015


(1) Xuelei Wang, Yiming Xu. Soil heavy metal dynamics and risk assessment under long-term land use and cultivation conversion. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2015,22,264-274.

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(3) Xuelei Wang, Aiping Feng, QiaoWang, Chuanqing Wu, Zhong Liu, Zusheng Ma, Xinfeng Wei. Spatial variability of the nutrient balance and related NPSP risk analysis for agro-ecosystems in China in 2010. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 2014, 193, 42-52.

(4) Xuelei Wang, QiaoWang, Chuanqing Wu, Tao Liang, Donghai Zheng, Xingfeng Wei. A method coupled with remote sensing data to evaluate non-point source pollution in the Xin’anjiang catchment of China. Science of the Total Environment. 2012. 430,132-143.

(5) Xuelei Wang, QiaoWang, Shengtian Yang, Donghai Zheng, Chuanqing Wu, C M,Mannaerts. Evaluating nitrogen removal by vegetation uptake using satellite image time series in riparian catchments. Science of the Total Environment. 2011.409(13),2567-2576.

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(11) Jinfeng Yang, Aiping Feng, Xuelei Wang*,Xinrong Li, Changzuo Wang. Research on an Identification Method of Potential Risk for Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution in the Haihe River Basin. China Environmental Science, 2020,41(10):4555-4562. (In Chinese)

(12) Aiping Feng, Xuelei Wang*,Yi Xu, Li Huang,ChuanQing Wu,Changzuo Wang,Hongliang Wang. Assessment of Potential Risk of Diffuse Pollution in Haihe River Basin Based Using DPeRS Model. Environmental Science, 2020,41(10):4555-4562.(In Chinese)

(13) Aiping Feng, Chuanqing Wu, Xuelei Wang*, Hongliang Wang, Yaming Zhou, Qian Zhao. Spatial character analysis on nitrogen and phosphorus diffuse pollution in Haihe River Basin by remote sensing. China Environmental Science, 2019,39(7):2999-3008. (In Chinese)

(14) Wenting Xu, Qian Shen, Xuelei Wang, Qian Wang, Yue Yao, Wei Huang, Mingxiu Wang, Junsheng Li, Fangfang Zhang, Xiaoyong Chen. Sensing Images for Assessing the Minimum Ecological Flux by AutomaticallyExtracting River Surface Width. Remote sensing. 2020, 12, 2899, doi:10.3390/rs12182899

(15) Ouyang W., Xuelei Wang Hao F.H., Srinivasan R. Temporal-spatial dynamics of vegetation variation on non-point source nutrient pollution. Ecological Modelling, 2009.220(20), 2702-2713


2016, MEE(MEP) “The youth talent on National Ecology and Environment protection program”

2021, Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, china.

2018 Environmental Protection Science and Technology award, Second Prize, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China

2016 Environmental Protection Science and Technology award, Second Prize, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China

2015, Environmental Protection Science and Technology award, Second Prize, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, China.

2013, Science and Technology Progress Award, Ministry of Education, Second Prize, China.

2014, Geographic Information Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize, China Association for Geospatial Information society, China.




Editorial Board: Journal of Agro-Environment Science(Jan.,2021-Dec.,2024)

Committee Member: Remote Sensing Professional Committee of China Hydraulic Engineering Society (Jun.,2021-Jun.,2026)

Expert Member: National key research and development program-"Earth observation and navigation", Ministry of Science and Technology(2021-2025)