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GAO Yan-zheng , Professor of Agro-Environmental Science and Technology and head of Institute of Organic Contaminant Control and Soil Remediation, Nanjing Agricultural University. He graduated from Zhejiang University and was awarded the Doctor Degree in June 2004. As a visiting scholar and postdoc, he had been working in Hongkong Baptist University (February~May.2005), the University of Reading, UK (August 2007 ~ July 2008), and Michigan State University, USA (April 2013 ~ May 2014). His main research interests focus on the organic contaminant control and soil remediation. A total of 128 peer-reviewed papers were published, including 60 English journal papers in SCI. His papers were cited more than 2300 times till February, 2015. His h-index in SCI is 20. He was involved in the Program for New Century Excellent Talents at the University of China in 2006, won the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation of China award in 2010, and was awarded the Young Excellent Scholar award by the Soil Science Society of China in 2010, as well as the Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Jiangsu province in 2013. He was the winner of Agricultural Sciences, the 2008 ASAIHL (Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning) - Scopus Young Scientist Awards in Asia-Pacific.