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LIU Xiao-wen,Ph.D


South China Institute of Environmental Sciences.MEP




Date of birth

academic degree


Professional title

Doctorial tutor

LIU Xiao-wen


July 1967


Environmental Science

Professorate Senior Engineer




South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Ecology and Environment 


deputy director


No. 7 Yuancun West Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, CHN,510655




Work phone


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Work experience

Aug. 1989-Nov. 1991, Assistant Engineer, Department of Security and Environment Protection, General Machinery Manufacturer

Nov. 1991-Nov. 1996, Engineer, Gansu Environmental Monitoring Center

Nov. 1996-Nov. 2005, assistant of division chief/ deputy division chief, Division of Pollution Control, Department of Environment Protection of Gansu

Nov. 2005-Mar. 2008, Chief, Division of General office, Department of Environment Protection of Gansu

Mar. 2008-Sep. 2011, Chief, Division of General Office, South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, MEP

Sep. 2011-Dec. 2017, deputy director, South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, MEE

Dec. 2017-June, 2019, deputy director (temporary), Department of Soil Ecology and Environment, MEE

June, 2019- present, deputy director, South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, MEE

(Sep. 2019- Sep. 2020, deputy director (temporary), Technical Centre for Soil, Agriculture and Rural Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Ecology and Environment)

Academic performance

Dr Liu is engaged in the research of soil environmental Sciences, techniques and polities of pollution prevention and remediation.

As chief scientist, he leads the Comprehensive prevention and remediation technology demonstration project of farmland polluted by cadmium, arsenic and non-point source in Pearl River Delta, a R&D Project of China; He also leads management supporting projects of MEE, such as study on evaluation index and method of soil pollution control and remediation effects of agricultural land, and study on early warning mechanism of soil environmental quality of agricultural land. He organized the integration of national investigations of farmland soil pollution and industrial soil pollution. He also organized the national heavy metal pollution control project-The comprehensive remediation of e-waste pollution in Qingyuan (total investment of 0.56 billion CNY), and led the implementation of the national heavy metal pollution control project-The remediation of heavy metal pollution due to e-waste dismantling in Qingyuan (total investment of 63.35 million CNY), as well as the overall scenario of the comprehensive pollution control in pyrite mining area of Baihe County, Shaanxi Province.

He has got 8 awards including the Second prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award. 14 of his patents applied for State Office for Inventions were authorized, and 2 items were authorized international patents for inventions. He published 3 books over 90 scientific papers on soil pollution control, ecological risk assessment, and ecological progress promotion. He is a member and deputy secretary of National Expert Committee on Soil Ecology and Environment Protection, and a consultant to the government of Qingyuan City.

Keywords for review

Environmental behavior of farmland soil pollutant, farmland soil pollution prevention and remediation of heavy metals, Comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste

Suggestions to the journal

· Organize the evaluation and announcement of outstanding papers.

· Host academic exchange activities in various forms.

· Promote technology transformation.