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LIU Zhong-qi


NameLIU Zhong-Qi

Education: Ph.D., Nanjing Agricultural University, July, 1990.

           Major: Crop breeding and genetics

Research interests: Plant nutrition physiology and molecular biology

Position and experience:  

Professor of Environmental Biology in Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People`s Republic of China from January 2012 to present. He has completed more than 30 national key R & D projects, published more than 80 papers in core journals, obtained 6 national invention patents and 4 provincial scientific and technological progress awards. In recent years, He is focusing on the safe utilization techniques for heavy metal polluted farmlands, studies on the mechanism of cadmium metabolism in rice. He has invented a new strategy to safely utilize Cd-polluted farmlands by interception of crop nutrient organs and regulation of non-selective cation channels (NSCCs). A new technical model has been established based on "low accumulation varieties + alkaline fertilizer + foliar regulation" (i.e., VFR model), which has been widely extended in heavy metal polluted areas of southern China.

Main references

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