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YANG Dian-lin



Professor, Agro-Environmental Protection Institute , Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Ecological Security Inspection & Testing Center of GMOs, MARA, Tianjin

The Research Group of biodiversity and Agro-Ecological Intensification.


Add:31 Fukang Rd., Nankai Dist., Tianjin, China

Tel: 86-22-2361-1820Fax: 86-22-2361-1820




Advisor of CAAS, Visiting Professor of Shenyang Agricultural University, Head of Agriculture Ecology Laboratory, Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture. Head of Eco-safety Supervision, Inspection & Testing Center of GMOs, MOA, Tianjin Also focused on eco-system function and conservation of biodiversity, risk of genetically modified organisms, ecological impact and control of invasive plant, research and demonstration of regional sustainable agricultural technology and model.

Hosted projects are following: Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program of CAASCAAS-XTCX2016015)(20172020.NSFC, The coupling relationship between soil carbon and nitrogen transformation properties and microbial community succession under enhanced nitrogen deposition in Stipa baicalensis steppe(41877343) (20192022.NSFC, The mechanism of soil microorganisms respond to nitrogen and moisture input in Stipa baicalensis Roshev.grassland (31170435)(2012-2015). NSFC, The mechanisms of soil microorganisms respond to different grazing intensity in Stipa baicalensis Roshev.grassland (30770367)(2008-2010); TJSFC, migration and control of the nitrogen and phosphorus in the field during the dung digestion (06YFJMJC11300)(2006-2008); Tianjin supported science and technology key projects, research and demonstration of invasive plant,  flanueria bidentis, control technology (11ZCGYNC00300)(2011-2014); non-profit sector (agriculture) research project, control technology of new invasive plant, flanueria bidentis (200803022)(2008-2010); non-profit sector (agriculture) research project, The research and demonstration of invasive plants comprehensive control (201103027)(2011-2015); and more than 20 international cooperation and exchange projects and financial special projects from MOA.

Some Rewards: Tianjin science and technology advance second prize,six;  Inner Mongol science and technology advance first prize, once; CAAS science and technology first prize, once.

Publication situation: Over 150 articles, 4 books, 4 national criterions, 5 patent of invention, 2 software copyrights.

Expert reviewer of engineer construction project of Ministry of agriculture