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School of Geography, Nanjing Normal University

No.1, Wenyuan Road, Xianlin University District, Nanjing, China.

Telephone: +86-15050521263 (Mobile)



I mainly focus my research and teaching in soil nitrogen cycling and its agricultural and environmental effects. My specialization is in soil nitrogen transformation processes and nitrogen nutrient studies of managed and natural ecosystems with a focus on gross nitrogen transformation rates using 15N dilution and tracing techniques, the loss pathways of nitrogen fertilizer, and the control of non-point source pollution and N2O emission. My research stretches from fine scale to examine nitrogen transformations and fates in soils to global-scale nitrogen cycles. I have received 3 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 projects from the National Key Research and Development Program of China, and 1 project from EuroChem Agro GmbH in Germany. I am now the Associate Editor of European Journal of Soil Science, the Editor of the Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, and one of the Editorial Board Members of Journal of Agro-Environment Science, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers and Journal of Isotopes.



Ø Using 15N isotope tracing on studying soil gross nitrogen transformation rates

Ø Monitoring the fate of N fertilizer in agroecosystem in situ, such as leaching, runoff, ammonia volatilization, N2O and NO emissions


List of publications of recent five years

1) Chen, Zhaoxiong; Tu, Xiaoshun; Men, Han; Chen, Chen; Chen, Yuejun, Elrys, Ahmed S; Cheng, Yi*; Zhang, Jinbo; Cai, Zucong; Scott X. Chang; Microbial process-oriented understanding of stimulation of soil N2O emission following the input of organic materials. Environmental Pollution, 284 (2021) 117176.

2) Wang, Jing; Chen, Zhaoxiong; Xu, Cheng; Elrys, Ahmed S; Shen, Fei; Cheng, Yi*; Scott X. Chang; Organic amendment enhanced microbial nitrate immobilization with negligible denitrification nitrogen loss in an upland soil. Environmental Pollution, 288 (2021) 117721.

3) Chi, Qiaodong; Wang, Jing; Liu, Yuqing; Zhao, Jun; Cheng, Yi*; Cai, Zucong; Feng, Xiaojuan; Zhang, Jinbo; Varying interactive effects of climate, soil properties, and gross nitrogen dynamics on biomass production between the topsoil and the subsoil in natural grassland ecosystems. European Journal of Soil Biology, 104 (2021) 103299.

4) Cheng, Yi; Zhang, Huimin; Chen, Zhaoxiong; Wang, Jing; Cai, Zejiang; Sun, Nan; Wang, Shenqiang; Zhang, Jinbo*; Scott X. Chang; Xu, Minggang; Cai, Zucong; Christoph Müller*; Contrasting effects of different pH raising materials on N2O emissions in acidic upland soils. European Journal of Soil Science, 2021, 72: 432–445.

5) Chen, Zhaoxiong; Zhang, Huimin; Tu, Xiaoshun; Sun, Xin; Wang, Jing; Cheng, Yi*; Zhang, Jinbo; Cai, Zucong; Scott X. Chang; Characteristics of organic material inputs affect soil microbial NO3- immobilization rates calculated using different methods. European Journal of Soil Science, 2021, 72: 480–486.

6) Elrys, Ahmed S; Desoky, El-Sayed M; Ali, Ahmad; Zhang, Jinbo; Cai, Zucong; Cheng Yi*; Sub-Saharan Africa's food nitrogen and phosphorus footprints: A scenario analysis for 2050. Science of the Total Environment, 752 (2021) 141964.

7) Elrys, Ahmed S; Desoky, El-Sayed M; Alnaimy Manal, A; Zhang, Huimin, Zhang, Jinbo; Cai, Zucong; Cheng Yi*; The food nitrogen footprint for African countries under fertilized and unfertilized farms. Journal of Environmental Management, 279 (2021) 111599.

8) Cheng, Yi; Wang, Jing; Ge, Zhiwei; Zhang, Jinbo*; Cai, Yanjiang; Scott X. Chang; Cai, Zucong; Han Y. H. Chen*; Background nitrogen deposition controls the effects of experimental nitrogen addition on soil gross N transformations in forest ecosystems. Biogeochemistry, 2020, 151: 335-341.

9) Cheng, Yi#; Wang, Jing#; Wang, Jinyang; Wang, Shenqiang; Scott X. Chang; Cai, Zucong; Zhang, Jinbo*; Niu, Shuli*; Hu, Shuijin*; Nitrogen deposition differentially affects soil gross nitrogen transformations in organic and mineral horizons. Earth-Science Reviews, 2020, 201(103033).

10) Sun Xin#; Liang Bing#; Cheng Yi*; Scott X. Chang; Cai, Zucong; Christoph Müller; Zhang, Jinbo; Soil N transformation rates are not linked to fertilizer N losses in vegetable soils with high N input. Soil & Tillage Research, 2020, (202)104651.

11) Wang, Jing; Sun, Nan; Xu, Minggang; Wang, Shenqiang; Zhang, Jinbo; Cai, Zucong; Cheng, Yi*; The influence of long-term animal manure and crop residue application on abiotic and biotic N immobilization in an acidified agricultural soil. Geoderma, 2019, 337: 710-717.

12) Cheng, Yi; Wang, Jing; Scott X. Chang; Cai, Zucong; Müller, Christoph; Zhang, Jinbo*; Nitrogen deposition affects both net and gross soil nitrogen transformations in forest ecosystems: A review. Environmental Pollution, 2019, 244: 608-616.

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14) Liu, Siyi; Chi, Qiaodong; Cheng, Yi*; Zhu, Bo; Li, Wenzhou; Zhang, Xifeng; Huang, Yaqiong; Müller, Christoph; Cai, Zucong; Zhang Jinbo*; Importance of matching soil N transformations, crop N form preference, and climate to enhance crop yield and reducing N loss. Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 657: 1265-1273.

15) Cheng, Yi#; Wang, Jing#; Sun, Nan; Xu, Minggang; Cai, Zucong; Wang, Shenqiang; Zhang, Jinbo*; Phosphorus addition enhances gross microbial N cycling in phosphorus-poor soils: a N-15 study from two long-term fertilization experiments, Biology and Fertility of Soils, 2018, 54(6): 783-789.

16) Wang, Jing; Zhang, Beibei; Tian, Ye; Zhang, Huanchao; Cheng, Yi*; Zhang, Jinbo; A soil management strategy for ameliorating soil acidification and reducing nitrification in tea plantations. European Journal of Soil Biology, 2018, 88: 36-40.

17) Cheng, Yi; Xie, Wei; Huang, Rong; Yan, Xiaoyuan; Wang, Shenqiang*; Extremely high N2O but unexpectedly low NO emissions from a highly organic and chemical fertilized peach orchard system in China. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2017, 246: 202-209.

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