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 Name: GAO Ji-xi

Sex: Male 

Nationality: Chinese

Date of Birth: March, 1964

Native Place: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Academic Degree: PhD

 Academic Title: Senior Research Fellow

 Position: Director, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Environmental Protection, China

 Social Titles:

Ø  Member, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC),

Ø  Deputy Director, Environment and Development Central Committee of Zhigong Party,

Ø  Standing Committee Member, Beijing Committee of Zhigong Party

Ø  Vice Chairman. Chaoyang District Committee of Zhigong Party

Ø  Vice Chairman of Expert Committee, China Biodiversity Conservation Fund

Ø  Standing Committee Member, Environmental Sciences Society of China

Ø  Director. Ecology and Nature Conservation Branch, Environmental Sciences Society of China

Ø  Visiting Professor and PhD Supervisor, Renmin University and Beijing Normal University


Ø  Selected as National Environmental Protection Professional Leading Talent

Ø  Listed in National Talents Project

Ø  Selected as National Outstanding Professional Talent

Ø  Among the “333” High Level Talents Cultivation Project of Jiangsu Province

Ø  As National Expert of Outstanding Contributions enjoying Special Government Allowances of the State Council since 1993.

 Research Achievements:

Ø  In charge of over a hundred of key research projects at national and ministry/provincial levels such as projects assigned by Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation and Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Ø  Carried out a large number of innovative researches on technical methods for regional ecological assessment such as ecological quality and carrying capacity evaluation, ecological service function and ecological assets assessment, and has built up the theoretical system for research on regional ecology.  

Ø  Took the lead in research of China's ecological red line and ecological security pattern construction, and proposed national ecological red line construction plan based on biodiversity, major ecological barriers and major ecological function zones. 

Ø  In charge of national ecological investigation and the achievement has been highly regarded and appreciated by the state authority and relevant departments.

Ø  Organized the first ecological civilization construction planning in China which has become a demonstrative model for the overall promotion and extension of ecological civilization construction in the country.


Ø  Received 16 national and provincial science and technology awards,   including 3 national second prizes for Science and Technology Progress and 3 Provincial or Ministerial Prizes for Science and Technology Progress.

 Publications, Patents and other achievements

Ø  Published 240 research papers and 14 monographs in Chinese or English.

Ø  Granted of 6 national invention patents

Ø  Has been the supervisor for more than 30 master degree and PhD students.

Ø  The research achievements have been widely referenced and used in the protection of regional ecology, establishment of theories and practicing of ecological civilization construction, and delimiting of ecological red line, which has achieved remarkable social, economic and ecological benefits.